Ready for an amazing new year? Harness your power to FOCUS! I’m sure when you look back over 2019 you found both things that worked and things that didn’t. I would be willing to be that what worked was successful because you were focused on it. With that in mind here are 3 areas I suggest you focus on in 2020 to help you end this year with the best possible outcome.

FOCUS on Your Ideal Client. First, do you know who that is? Can you describe them in detail? Do you know where they “hang out” (both virtually or physically) so you can get your marketing in front of them? And knowing what’s important to them is critical to crafting that marketing in a way that speaks to them.

The flip side of focusing on your ideal client is to not be distracted by people who aren’t your ideal client. I frequently hear agents say, “Yes, they aren’t my idea client, but it’s an easy booking so I took it.” Even easy bookings take time. More importantly, they take your focus off your ideal client and your ideal goal. Stay focused on the clients you want to attract and serve. Even little distractions add up.

FOCUS on Your Top Partners. One of the most challenging things about working in travel is the amount of beautiful distractions we are faced with each and every day. Even if your focus is European river cruising, photos of overwater bungalows in the South Pacific get your attention. The important thing is to enjoy it for a moment and not be taken in by it. Yet, so many agents waste valuable hours participating in webinars, doing training programs, and even going on FAMs for products they aren’t likely to sell. That’s a huge distraction from your focus that won’t pay dividends.

Instead, focus on your core top partners. Know them and what they have to offer. It’s good to have other options and alternatives, but don’t stray too far from those partners who are vital to your success serving your ideal client.

FOCUS on Your Income. The bills have to be paid – and that includes paying you a salary! So, focus on the money too! Are you making what you should be making? Not too many travel agents ever say they are making too much money!

There are 3 key areas to focus on to maximize your income:

  1. Improve your commission level with your supplier (affiliating with a host agency can increase your commission level by as much as 100%)
  2. Improve the amount of commission that goes in your pocket (if you are selling more than $400,000 per year you need to be with a host that offers 100% commission)
  3. Introduce or increase your professional fees. (Except where that is prohibited by Seller of Travel Laws (CA and FL), 100% of that amount should be going into your pocket.)

Focusing on just these areas can make a big difference in your bottom line and your satisfaction with your business. You put a lot of love and energy into your travel business – make it the best it can possibly be!