Like many other industries, the travel industry has “seasons”. The period of January through April is known as “wave season”, and is by far the busiest time of the year. There is another busy season I call “mini wave season” because it’s not as robust, but it’s still profitable.

After the kids go back to school and summer travel is over, many people start looking to both holiday travel and getting next year’s travel on the books. Successful travel pros actively pursue bookings during this period to round out their year. So, how can you do that? Here are 3 suggestions:

Reach out to clients who have booked with you in the past, but haven’t yet booked this year. It might just be that they have been meaning to call you for weeks. Or it could be they can’t find your contact information (it happens more than you might think). When you take responsibility for contacting them it shows they you are interested. You aren’t being pushy – you’re being helpful.

Contact clients who are already booked to see if they want to invite friends to travel with them. Asking, “Who would you like to join you on this trip?” is a great way to increase your business. Your clients are already excited about the trip and have probably told friends and family about it – maybe they want someone to join them.

Use your social media to remind people to use their precious vacation time! According to Project: Time Off, half of Americans leave vacation time unused every year. We rank last among industrialized nations in the amount of paid vacation that employees get, and yet will still don’t use it all! Unacceptable! Encourage your clients to use their vacation and make sure they know you can help make that happen.

And one thing NOT to do:

Don’t succumb to the temptation to promote all the vendor offers that show up in your inbox over the next few months. Of course, you might want to selectively share promotions with some clients, but don’t just blast out deals. You don’t want to attract clients who are overly price-sensitive. You also don’t want clients who are already booked to have buyer’s remorse and wish they had waited to book until a better deal came along.

The year isn’t over yet, so take action to make the most of the forthcoming mini wave season!