It’s the time of year that you are probably running around buying lots of gifts for the holidays. You’ve probably bought presents for kids and adults and even pets! But what about yourself? With that in mind, I have some gift suggestions for YOU, no matter where you are in the travel business.

For those who want to get into the travel business

We all have those people who say, “Your job looks amazing!” And while many of them really just want to travel and don’t understand how much work it is, some of them really want to work in the travel industry (perhaps that is you!). We created a comprehensive training program for those who want to get into the travel industry and build a travel business the right way. It isn’t enough to learn about vendors, but you need to also learn the business side of the industry. Unlike many programs that just provide modules to watch, our Travel MBA program has a dedicated mentor to provide answers and guidance as you go through the process of building a business.

For those who want to surround themselves with successful travel professionals

Finding your “tribe” is important in any industry. Having successful people to learn from and network with is a blessing for many travel professionals. Thankfully the Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs (GIFTE) is just such a community. At a rate of less than $20 per month, it’s an incredible value! There is incredible content (both live and recordings for the past few years) you can use to build your business.

For those whose business is booming and they want take it to the next level

Through GIFTE, we offer business coaching and consulting that allows you to have the expertise of up to two skilled travel coaches whose sole role is to help you move your business forward. This laser-focused consulting will help you tackle issues that are blocking you or give you strategies to take advantage of opportunities.

And for everyone

Appreciate where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. Those of us lucky enough to realize our dream of working in the travel industry are very fortunate. But don’t take where you are as an unchangeable situation. There is always a path to improvement and changing where you are into something that is more rewarding – financially and emotionally.

So give yourself a gift this year and make 2018 the best year ever! Remember, doing what you have always done will get you what you’ve always gotten. When you are ready for change, it’s time to do something different and surround yourself with those who will inspire and challenge you!