Most of the travel suppliers that we suggest you use to book your clients’ vacations have their own
travel agent portal/booking engine that you can request access to. It is critical that you be registered as
a Gifted Travel Network agent with these suppliers (using our credentials) in order to access our
negotiated commission levels and be protected under GTN E&O Insurance and Seller of Travel Licenses.
However, as usual, there is no set standard way of registering for these portals. Typically, there will be a
couple of options – either you can “self-register” on the site or you have to request a login from

If you access the Preferred Supplier Spreadsheet on the GTN portal under the “Supplier/Booking” tab
and then by clicking on “Preferred Supplier Spreadsheet”, you will see that there is a column with
instructions on setting up a login. If it says that GTN needs to set you up, email the info box with your
request. However, if it says that you can self-register (along with any supplier-specific details), you can
proceed on your own using the following guidelines:

1. Be sure you are on the Travel Agent portal or booking engine for the supplier in question. Click
on “Sign up” or “Register Here” or whatever it says.

2. When filling out the online forms, be sure that you are identifying as “Gifted Travel Network”
when it asks for agency name. (NOT your individual agency name). Provide the GTN IATA
number, address and phone number. (You can usually use your own email address). This is
because you will be receiving commissions based on GTN contracts…not your own! When using
the GTN IATA number as your credential, you should always say “This is Lisa with Gifted Travel
Network” NOT “This is Lisa with Signature Escapes Travel”.

3. If the Supplier asks for any information like a W-9 form or bank account info, be aware that they
need the info from GTN…NOT from you. Never give your personal financial info to any
supplier. At this point, it is probably best to email to let us know
and we can complete the registration on your behalf. NEVER change the Logo, address, phone
number, tax id or IATA info on an existing GTN Agency profile with any supplier.

4. Most suppliers are becoming used to the host agency/IC relationship and will take your
individual email as contact and some will even send paper travel documents (if provided) to
your home office address. Those are both fine as long as you are still making your booking using
our IATA and under the GTN name.

As always, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about this process, but be sure to
check out the Preferred Supplier Spreadsheet before you automatically email the address to request a login. You can save yourself and our client care
team time and energy by seeing if the “self register” option is available.