How Travel Agents Need to Market Right Now
By: Sandy Saburn

How Travel Agents Need to “Market” Right Now

Over the past few months marketing has been a challenge for many travel agents. As a result, many have just stopped doing anything.

That is the worst thing you can do right now!

What you should be doing is staying in touch. Show your clients you care. When you do, you are demonstrating you do more than sell. You are showing that service is at the heart of your business.

Think about it from your client’s point of view. Maybe they have worked with you and know you very well. Or maybe they don’t know you all that well. Maybe they don’t know you at all. They have gotten emails and marketing pieces from you periodically, but suddenly you go radio silent. What do they think? You’ve gone out of business.

When the travel business does return to normal (and it will return to normal), they aren’t going to reach out to you, but find someone else. Because they don’t think you are there.

So, what type of “marketing” do you do right now? It isn’t your traditional marketing, but relationship building. And this must be via email, just doing social media won’t cut it!

The best email content right now inspires and reassures. It educates and helps people understand who you are and what you offer. A weekly “ezine” (email marketing newsletter) is the best way to do that. This is a consistent communication that goes out each and every week. It focuses on you and what you have to offer, not just sharing vendor promotions.

If you haven’t sent out your ezine this week (or last week), get back on track right now! If you aren’t yet sending out a weekly ezine, when was the last time you reached out to your audience? Do it now! It will pay huge dividends in the future.