Our COVID Year
By: Sandy Saburn, CTIE

One year ago, the world for travel advisors changed.

One year ago, we had no idea that this would go on for a year.

One year ago, we wouldn’t have believed that cruising would still be paused a year later with no firm restart date.

One year ago, the travel industry began a change that continues to this day.


We are still here. Well, many of us are still here. Some decided this was their sign it was time to retire or change careers. We wish them only success in the future.

Many spent the time digging into their businesses. They refined systems. Some rebranded. Some rebuilt their businesses from the inside out to make them work better in the future.

All shed tears. Frustration over what was lost – income and momentum. After all, 2020 was set to be a record-breaking year.

We waited. We worked. We watched. We listened. We connected with people. We innovated.

And now, we are ready to rebound. We are proudly declaring, “We are here and ready to serve!”

We have begun to emerge from this long year to be a stronger, smarter, more resilient industry.

We are excited about the future. We know it is going to be bright. We are more appreciative of what we had – and will have again in the future.

We can raise the tide for the entire industry, so it is smoother sailing for everyone. We can make our industry the best it has ever been. It will never go back to exactly what it was. And that is a good thing. Really. A very good thing.

It will be better. We will be better. And together we will soar!