A 1-year, step-by-step training and mentoring program to fast track your thriving travel agent career

Question for ambitious & passion-driven future travel pros:

If you had a proven system and supportive community to not just show you the path toward sustainable success in travel, but lead you right to it—with full appreciation of your unique gifts, skills, and ambitions …

… Would you finally feel ready to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams, without holding anything back?

Here’s Why NOW Is the Best Time to Answer “Yes!” to That Question

There’s never been a better time to start selling travel.

The recent market disruption has further shined a light on the true value of travel advisors, as more consumers than ever now recognize the importance of having a professional who can advocate for them. What’s more, the travel industry is the second-fastest growing sector in the world*.

You know this. You’ve done the research already.

But if you’re anything like the thousands of new travel agents we’ve coached, then there’s still one little word that might be holding you back:


It creeps in whenever you float your idea to start your own travel business past your spouse, your family, or your well-meaning-but-concerned colleagues, and they ask:

Are you sure?

Can you really make a full-time career selling travel?

Can you really replace your previous (plush) income—and not have to spend every waking moment dreading coming into work to do it?

Can you really create more space in your life for freedom—the freedom to spend time on what matters most to you, with your family, pursuing your passions, traveling more? And the freedom from worrying about monthly cash flow, or depleting your retirement savings too early?

We already know the answer (which is: of course you can!).

But for prospective agents who are still struggling with that 5-letter word …

… there’s usually one of three things holding them back.

Myth #1: “I need someone to show me how to be a travel agent.”

Most host agency trainings do an adequate job teaching you the ins and outs of the travel industry. You’ll get plenty of guidance on suppliers, back-end systems, and consortia relationships.

You do need that—but you need so much more. Because owning your own travel business isn’t just about booking clients and handling commissions.

It’s about strengthening your skills as an entrepreneur. You can be fantastic at serving your travel clients, but if you don’t know how to run a business, and if you don’t have clients—then you don’t have a business.

What you need? Both industry and business training. Proven strategies on how to organize, market, and scale your travel business—so you’re not just treading water as an order-taking travel agent, but flourishing as an in-charge travel entrepreneur.

Myth #2: “I can figure it out on my own.”

There’s a LOT of free information out there about how to become a travel agent.

And that info is a fine place to start for individuals who’re just looking to tinker, to add another activity to their list of hobbies.

But serious travel entrepreneurs in search of a career don’t have that kind of time to waste.

What you need? A clear path and supportive community that flattens the learning curve and expedites profitability      —and that’s flexible enough to tailor that path to your particular vision.

Myth #3: “I just need to find a silver-bullet solution to fast track my success.”

There’s certainly an allure to thinking there’s just one thing you need to nail this whole travel entrepreneur business—and once you find (and pay for) it, everything will fall into place.

Like a franchise that gives you a business in a box, or a leads program that drops ready-to-book clients in your lap.

There’s just one problem … there’s no such thing as a silver-bullet solution.

You don’t need an expensive “business in a box,” one that doesn’t allow you to flourish according to your own unique passions and skills.

You don’t need leads-on-demand, when those leads represent low-quality clients looking for bottom-dollar deals.

What you need? A holistic system that helps you position yourself as an expert, under your own brand, and teaches you to attract your own highly qualified leads—so you get to fill your days working with perfect-fit clients.

How the Travel Industry Is Failing New Travel Agents

As would-be travel entrepreneurs fall prey to these myths, they miss crucial steps in the business-building process. That’s because the industry is not set up to holistically support driven travel entrepreneurs.

Most new travel agents are left with a patchwork approach to building their businesses—picking up crumbs of knowledge from many different sources in a desperate attempt to eke out a respectable income.

Inevitably, things fall through the cracks. And new travel agents end up barely scraping by.

Which is why we developed the Successful Travel Entrepreneur Ecosystem, a three-pronged, nuts-to-bolts approach to coaching and supporting you toward owning a thriving travel business.

When you’re supported by the Successful Travel Entrepreneur Ecosystem™, you’ll get:

  • “Big picture” strategic guidance—on critical business-building topics

like choosing the right brand name, defining your target audience, and developing marketing strategies—so you set yourself up for long-term success right from the beginning.

  • Industry insights and “how to” support

that clarifies exactly how you should run your travel business day-to-day, so you’re not left floundering during the “start up” phase of your travel business.

  • A “lift all boats” community

that fosters connection over competition. Starting your own travel business is a HUGE step—we want to make sure you never feel like you’re in it alone.

You shouldn’t have to wait years—or even decades—to become a top-producing agent, to build a thriving base of repeat clients, and to finally have a career that fulfills and fuels you.

And, with our support, you don’t have to …

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Support & Guidance from the Entire GTN Team

When you enroll in the Travel MBA, you’re not just getting access to a program—you’re joining the GTN family. As a host agency, we’re guided by a simple-yet-profound motto: Your vision, our mission.

And as a GTN member, you get access to not only robust and proactive back office support, but ongoing training from our leadership team to make your business better. Hop on the line with GTN’s Chief Sales Officer, Vanessa McGovern for her monthly Sales IQ calls, join GTN’s VP, Sandy Saburn on her weekly Client IQ calls, and take advantage of the numerous supplier trainings, in-person events, and our annual conference. We’re here to support you, throughout every growth phase of your business. Welcome to the family.


The Travel Marketing & Business Academy

The travel industry’s most comprehensive, strategy-backed 12-month mentorship and hosting program that positions new travel entrepreneurs like you for both immediate and long-term success.

54+ self-paced program modules

that walk you step-by-step through how to build your travel business the smart, strategic way.

Monthly Guest Speaker Series

to learn from experts and forge face-to-face connections virtually

12 Q&A coaching calls

with members of the GTN team, including the leadership team

1 vibrant community

of go-getter travel entrepreneurs here to cheer you on every step of the way.

100+ mentoring calls

with your mentor Lisa Fletcher that de-mystify every aspect of the travel industry.

Add it all up and you get: An easy-to-follow yet flexible Ecosystem that supports every prong of your entrepreneurial journey during your critical first year.

Here’s how your comprehensive Successful Travel Entrepreneur Ecosystem stacks together inside the Travel MBA:

Stack #1—Setting Up Your  Travel Business With Your Step-by-Step Blueprint

Once you join the Travel MBA, you’ll get immediate access to 54+ on-demand program modules that walk you through how to start, scale, and grow your travel business. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • The essential first steps you need to take to ensure your travel business is built on a solid foundation—we’ll guide you on how to get your financials, messaging, and business structure in order upfront
  • The nuts-and-bolts break down of the entire industry landscape and sales cycle, giving you the confidence you need to find and book your very first clients
  • How to future-proof your travel business so you can flourish beyond your first year

You get: 54+ self-paced modules with video training, worksheets, sample contracts and templates, and examples

Stack #2—Building Your Travel Business on Your Own Terms

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to running a profitable travel business—because every travel entrepreneur brings a unique set of skills, passions, and life experiences to the table.

That’s why the Travel MBA program provides you with coaching and support that allows you to forge your own proven path to profitability, including:

  • A one-on-one “Nail Your Niche” coaching session with GTN co-founder Meredith Hill, so you can get laser focused on what makes your unique travel brand magnetic
  • Q&A coaching calls that give you individualized advice on your biggest marketing and branding questions and growth challenges
  • A variety of cutting-edge and time-tested marketing strategies to build your client list on a consistent basis—choose the marketing tactics that best align with your individual skills

Stack #3—Supporting Your Growth, Every Step of the Way

As a Travel MBA student, you’re never left to figure out the next step on your own. We know that, without a robust and welcoming support system, too many new agents succumb to overwhelm in their first year.

That’s why your Travel MBA membership comes with:

  • A dedicated program mentor—Lisa Fletcher provides email support and bi-weekly mentoring calls to answer all your questions as you build your travel business (and no question is too small for Lisa!)
  • A private, active FB community just for Travel MBA students and graduates, where you can share your successes, seek feedback in a safe and supportive atmosphere, and cheer each other on
  • Monthly Virtual Live Classes and invitations to in-person events and workshops so you can forge face-to-face connections with your tribe

BONUS: One Year of Hosting with Gifted Travel Network

All Travel MBA students get access to their travel agent credentials and powerful back-office support through our host agency, Gifted Travel Network (GTN). You can leverage GTN’s exclusive industry relationships to provide your own clients with best-in-class service on their own travel journeys.

With GTN hosting, you get:

  • The ability to earn top-tier commissions with leading travel suppliers
  • An online client-management system
  • A cutting-edge marketing and development system
  • Access to an online research and itinerary-building tool
  • Assistance in collecting your commissions
  • Virtuoso perks and benefits to pass onto your clients

Ready to Fast Track Your Success as a Travel Entrepreneur?

We’re ready to show you the path, and support you every step of the way.

To determine if the Travel MBA is a perfect fit for your skills and travel ambitions, book your exploration call with our on-boarding team today:

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Ready to Fast Track Your Success as a Travel Entrepreneur?

We’re ready to show you the path, and support you every step of the way.

To determine if the Travel MBA is a perfect fit for your skills and travel ambitions, book your exploration call with our on-boarding team today:

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