Your Partner for a Better Travel Business

As a seasoned travel pro, you know what you need in a host agency.

And it’s not host-supplied leads (made up of tire-kicking clients and measly commission checks).

It’s not a “free,” cookie-cutter website—that  splashes supplier promos on every page.

You need: reliable & responsive support, clarity on how to run a business selling travel, and a vibrant community of advisors doing amazing things, just like you.

Welcome home.

Discover why serious travel entrepreneurs are choosing GTN:

A Host Agency That Grows With You

Success in travel doesn’t simply come down to your commission rates, or how many clients you have. Success means: developing a magnetic brand, smart marketing systems, a clear eye on finances, and a resilient growth mindset.

We’re here to support you on every facet of your journey toward sustainable growthand to help you cultivate a business that leads to a balanced life outside of work (because, in our book, success doesn’t mean pulling 12-hour days, every day of the week). Plus, GTN is not a consumer-facing brand, which means all of our focus is on helping our advisors earn more themselves.

We set you up for long-term growth with:

  • Weekly Vendor IQ calls with our preferred suppliers, so you can grow your destination and product knowledge
  • Monthly Sales IQ Calls with GTN's Chief Sales Officer, Vanessa McGovern, to help you develop profitable, sustainable marketing, and business ideas
  • Ongoing Commission IQ Calls with GTN's Business Operations Analyst, Hannah Reitz, to answer your questions on managing your client relationships and mastering CRM tools
  • Coaching and personalized support through various programs
  • Invites to Headquarter Days and ad hoc trainings and events
  • Invite to the annual GTN Conference

Give Yourself a Raise

We want you to work smarter, not harder. That’s why we’re proud to offer our agents some of the highest supplier commission levels in the industry. And thanks to our Virtuoso membership, our preferred supplier roster reads like a “Best of the Best” list.

Plus, our competitive pricing levels keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket, with commission split options that range from 70% to 100%. 

Earn more with every booking, effortlessly. We’ll even help you run the numbers to figure out which commission level is perfect for you, in terms of where your business is at right now—and how you plan to grow. And YOU get to choose your own commission split. No sales thresholds puts the choice in your hands.

All The Support You Need, All Included

We’re not out to nickel and dime you by charging extra for tech tools you need, or to simply answer your questions. Our pricing plans are simple and transparent. Plus, you’ll never be charged a fee or docked in commission for going outside our preferred supplier list.

As a GTN advisor, you get access to:

  • A responsive, problem-solving support team
  • Industry-leading CRM (Client Relationship Management) System: ClientBase
  • Cutting-edge itinerary-building software: Travefy
  • Invoicing support and direct deposit commissions bimonthly
  • On demand sales and commission tracking software, GRASP
  • IATAN and CLIA ID cards (when you qualify)
  • Virtuoso perks to pass on to your clients
  • Full access to Virtuoso membership benefits, including world class marketing, training, and resources
  • An active, supportive, and collaborative GTN Facebook community, where you can connect with and seek mentorship from fellow business-minded advisors

*And no, we don’t charge extra for any of the above. All these benefits are included in your annual fee, no matter your commission split.

Get Started: Pick Your Pricing Option

Sound like the support you’ve been craving? We’d love to welcome you into the GTN family—find the membership commission split that works best for your business:


Commission Split 100%
$499per month
  • Booking Members: Permitted
  • $100/month per booking member
  • Up to 50 booking members
  • +$499 annual membership


Commission Split 90%
$69.99per month
  • Booking Members: Permitted
  • $70/month per booking member
  • Up to 20 booking members
  • +$499 annual membership


Commission Split 80%
$34.99per month
  • Booking Members: permitted
  • $50/month per booking member
  • Up to 5 booking members
  • +$499 annual membership


Commission Split 70%
  • *70% commission is only available to agents in the Travel MBA Program
  • Booking Members: not permitted
  • Just pay $499 annual membership

* A Booking Member is an advisor(s) who book under or along side the primary advisor who registered their agency. This may include a sub-agent, employee, business partner etc.

* To be eligible to choose from these commission options, you must have annual sales of $150,000 per year. For advisors with sales below this threshold, we welcome you to our Travel MBA Program here.

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