Good things come in small packages is a saying that must have been crafted by a jewelry company, but it applies to business cards too. They aren’t very big (typically 3.5” x 2”), yet they say so much about your business.

A great business card is an extension of your business. Someone who receives it should have a pretty good idea of what your business is about. It embodies the essence of your brand. You spent a lot of time coming up with the components of your brand and the business card puts those into a portable form.

Which is why you shouldn’t use a stock business card design. When I am at an event and I collect business cards it is inevitable that I end up with a few that are clearly a “travel” template offered by one of the big online business card printing companies. What does that say about your business? That you can’t be bothered with branding. That you aren’t invested in your business. You aren’t serious.

The good news is that this can be fixed – and pretty easily at that.

If you don’t have your brand elements incorporated in your card, work with your designer to get new cards. If you don’t have your own brand (font, colors, imagery), then hire a designer to help you. Do not DIY your branding! You will attract DIY clients that will nickel-and-dime you to death.

Sure, you can buy cheap business cards. But this is a reflection of your business. Why would you cheap out on this mini-billboard for your company?

Once you have a design you like, have trusted colleagues and friends look it over. What does it say to them? Sometimes you get too deep into something and need an outsider’s opinion. A fresh set of eyes can give you the insight you can’t get on your own.

Each and every time you hand out your business card you should be proud of it. It should impress you and thrill you when you pull it out of its case to share with someone. If your card isn’t there yet, now is a great time to fix it and be ready for 2020!